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  • N9RK, Rick, Boo!
  • WB9EGZ, Dave

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New Guys, Send N9MS photos of your SSB Junk to put up on the web site.

+++++++++July is Kenwood month++++++++

We're BACK!

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  • Same time & place
  • We are once again recording the net!
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The Vintage SSB Net 3842 khz + / - 
Saturday Mornings 8:45 Central
Come join the "No Pre-list Pre-list" at approximately 8:30 Central time

Every Saturday morning the Vintage Single Sideband net begins on or near 3842 khz +/- the QRM. The Vintage Sideband Net welcomes your tube type or hybrid radio of ANY age to check-in. Newer radios sold in 1979 or before or have a rotary bandswitch knob, will be granted Vintage Status by Net Control and are OK to check in. However, if you try to sneak in with a modern radio you WILL suffer the wrath of the Net members and it may get ugly! No Tubes go home! BOOO!

Eldico SSB-100F next to the 75A-4 for comparison
Click on image for K9OA's Wikipedia article on Vintage Amateur Radio

Chicago beauties! From Gary, N9GH

Duane's, (N9DG), net legal Ten-Tec fleet

Photo of W9RAN's Hallicrafters FPM-200 (as heard on the old Hallicrafters record "The Amazing World of Short Wave Listening".

Thanks for welcoming me on the net ....pic of my National attached. Greg, KC8HXO West Mitten

W9RAN's Meteor

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