WØKH - Frank in Davenport, Iowa

I see an beautiful S-line but what the heck is that fancy radio below? A MODERN RADIO?

I see more S-line but does that Johnson KW desktop make SSB?

Does SSB make a tube glow red?


The S-line in its rack and a Globe King (where's the SSB adapter?) sitting next to what looks like a Collins 51J-3 Communications General Coverage Receiver. The receiver has a BFO so it's OK.

Upon further review, I find that the K7DYY Sr. transmitter only puts out Class D AM.

I see a Halli receiver, a National receiver (both SSB capable) but there is not a SSB transmitter in sight. That Johnson Viking Valiant and Viking 500  each need SSB adapters.

Yet another AM transmitter -- a T368. Frank, how many coax cables are coming through that window?

Close-up of the Globe King. Beautiful finish Frank!! Does this thing have an SSB mode position?


A Johnson Viking KW desktop and not an SSB transmitter in sight. Maybe you could substitute a Johnson Pacemaker for that Ranger!