K9OA Clark in Madison, WI

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Clark sitting in between two tables of vintage equipment. Globe King, Hallicrafters, Drake and Heathkit equipment
Clark sitting in front of his great vintage radio equipment. 

Heathkit Apache / Mohawk with SB-10 Sideband adapter on top. 


Close-up of the SB-10 Single Side Band Adapter

Clark's Kenwood twins (R-599,T-599) 

TR-4CW with Turner Plus 2 mic


Hallicrafters FPM-300 Mark II Safari transceiver. It's all solid state except
the driver and the final (a single 6KD6). 

Inside the FPM-300. We love radios that have built-in power supplies!!


Heathkit SB-101

Hallicrafters SR-150 Station

Inside the Hallicrafters SR-150

Hallicrafters SR-150
Old Hallicrafters station with HT32 transmitter and SX-115 receiver and transmitter and an additional older model receiver. Speaker with bit H sitting on top of the receiver and sitting on top of the HT32.  I see a SX-122 receiver sitting on top of the HT-32 transmitter with a Hallicrafters speaker sitting on top of that.
Hallicrafters HT-32 and matching SX-115 receiver operating station. Extra SX-122 receiver on top of the HT-32.
Clark's National NCX-1000 transceiver. This thing weighs 60 pounds with its built-in power supply
National NCX-1000 - According to HAM.NET ... The National NCX-1000 is a fantastic high power HF radio. It does not include the WARC bands or 160M. It uses a 8122 ceramic tube in the PA for approx. 400 to 500 watts output.
Collins S-Line with linear sitting on top with a weather station and more
Collins S-line operating station
Swan transceiver and power supply. I can't tell the model but it's one of their more recent transceivers
Swan transceiver and power supply/speaker
The Heathkit Twins

The SB-301 Receiver close up. Right on frequency 3838 khz!
Galaxy GT550

The Galaxy GT550 and Turner M+2/U microphone