KC9AA Karl in New London, WI

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Here is the hand-off of the blasted and painted covers to Karl in New
London, Wi. Karl works for Miller in Appleton, Wi.

I order to "put more power to the tower", I acquired a Ameritron AL-811 which uses thrree 572B's and also an Ameritron ATR-15 tuner. Of course the additions forced me to do another station rearrange! I think that my station is about complete because I have run out of room. At least that is what my wife says hi hi!

New capacitors in the HT-37

High & low voltage rectifiers converted to solid state with added surge resistors

It is finished!!! The HT-37 in it's new home!

I just know I can get another one in here someplace!!

No smoke and great reports! How sweet it is!

Hallicrafters HT-37 nestled between the Collins 75A3 and the Johnson Viking II

The glowing tubes of an HT-37

This will definitely improve Karl's tube count!

Karl's ham shack.

Swan 350  (Click to listen to this radio)


The rig that started the "FEUD"

Here are some pics of the latest addition to the shack.
I picked up this really nice Drake TR-4C from Bill, K9BTP in Rhinelander.
Note: Tom, W9QI would have had it if he would have typed Bill’s email address correctly!
Tom is now my ex friend hi hi!